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"Provide personal service and are approachable and always available for discussions" Dr J

"We are in our late 20's with two small children and run a small company. In order to go forward with our company we needed income protection insurance. We really did not know what it would cover us for but we needed it to start our business.

We had just moved from Mackay to Rockhampton. We were cutting down trees one Sunday afternoon when the chainsaw got blunt. I said I would go to the shop and get us a new one as the one we had was very old. Before I arrived home with the new chainsaw my husband had sharpened the axe and had chopped some of the trees down. In doing so, he embedded the axe in his foot through the laces of his steel cap boots. When I got home there was blood all over the patio and in the distance I could hear the ambulance.

When we got to the hospital the surgeon told us that my husband had split his navicular bone (which is the bone that connects the ankle to the foot) and had severed the tendon to the big toe and the nerves around it. The doctors told us he would be off work for at least 12 weeks.

If we did not have Income Protection we honestly would have lost everything and would have to start all over again and this is no exaggeration."

30 Year old Diesel Fitter Income Protection claim


"Hassle free, fast and efficient service" DC

"Grant Liddell has been my Insurance Agent for a number of years. He has organised various insurance policies for me but in particular he arranged a "Death and Trauma" policy for my wife and I. We viewed this as an important insurance as we have two children and we wanted to know that, if something happened there would be some back up finance to help with getting through the difficult times.

Unfortunately in December 2007 my wife was diagnosed with Breast Cancer - a condition that she has now had treatment for and appears to have overcome. At the time we were pretty shaken and it gave us some comfort when Grant helped look after the insurance situation. The whole matter of dealing with the insurance company was handled in a quick, unobtrusive manner and it made a big difference to know that our financial stiuation was not going to be an added burden at this time."

49 year old Female Breast Cancer Trauma Claim


"Wonderful - very happy. Couldn't get better service anywhere else!!" JH

"Recently I was involved in a serious accident at my work. I am in partnership in a small engineering fabrication business. A large piece of steel was being turned over and as I was walking past I saw a grinder on the floor next to the fork lift. I went to move it out of the way. When I woke up my fellow work mates were looking after me and an ambulance was on its way. The steel plate had snapped off the chain and fallen on me.

My injuries consisted of a broken shoulder, bruised lungs, large cut on the top of my head and multiple fractures to my face. I was transferred to Townsville for Maxillofacial Surgery. Upon my return to Mackay for a fairly long recovery Grant and Jess immediately contacted me and started the income protection claims process. We have been involved with Liddell Financial Solutions for 4 years prior to this accident. They came to my house and we filled out all the necessary paperwork and there is no doubt that without the involvement of LFS this process would have been very difficult for me. LFS made the process hassle free and it was a pleasure having them take care of me in this very difficult period. I was off work for nearly 3 months and LFS contacted me on several occasions to see how I was going. Without Income Protection Insurance in place it would have been a serious financial burden on my family."

Business Owner - Income Protection Claim


"Very good, extrememly easy and non time consuming" HM

Dear Grant, I am writing to you to show my appreciation for your wonderful service. I have been with Liddell Financial Solutions for the past four years and this is my second claim for Income Protection. I have found your service to be professional, prompt and speedy, showing  me that my insurance is well worth having in times of need. I thankyou again for assisting me in my claim and for ensuring i have the security of a professional company backing me.


Self-Employed Electrician Income Protection Claim

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